Thursday, 14 November 2013

Special Christmas Offer

Annikki and I decided to make a special Christmas Offer of the Paperback version of our book "Edible Art". It would make a very special Christmas gift for your loved one.

We are working out a special discount price with the publisher and the first page will carry a signature of Annikki.

We are working out the shipping costs so that you can take advantage of this special offer. (Already people from Oulu have started to take up this offer.)

Watch this space as we release details here.

This picture is the most famous of Annikki's Ginger Bread creations. The stained glass windows were created by slicing sweets into thin slices. Based on the type of knife used, annikki created different effects! The small Christmas tree in the foreground took over two hours to decorate as Annikki threaded the decorations hanging on the tree through very tiny holes she created on the ginger bread tree! The doors were hinged so they could open and close. She used black liquorice hinged sweets to tet that feature.

It won the Oulu Rotuaari (Walking Street) Ginger Bread Competition prize in 1998. 

It lived for several years under a plastic wooden frame cover as no one wanted to destroy this creation.

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