Sunday, 17 November 2013


When I reached 60, I thought I would have some fun, so I created a cake for my birthday, which I called "Ruins". I could obviously not make a birthday cake for anyone else with that name! :-)

It was the ruins of a courtyard with a wall with a red window and a cistern filled with water. The water flowed into the little pond in the courtyard.

In daylight it looked just like some biscuits.

But when placed against a window with light streaming in through the red window and water flowing from the cistern into the little pool, the whole cake just jumped to life.

Here are the pages of this from my book "Edible Art".

The book is available add an eBook from and as a Paperback from For those that write in to me, I can I've you a link to get the book at a special Christmas discount of 40% ad the books will be autographed by me.

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