Friday, 22 November 2013

Cakes help keep Divorce at bay!

The divorce rates in the developed countries are abnormally high. (There are no official statistics available for India, which has several other male chauvinistic problems more severe than just divorce!)

Here is a look at countries which have divorce rates which are more than 45% the number of marriages!

I have listed these based on Column 4, which is the number of marriages that end in divorce to the number of marriages during the same period.

In my book "Edible Art" I talk of discovering that Jacob had a sweet tooth almost 46 years ago even before we even got married. There is also a cliché that says that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

When you put these two facts together, you can become a good cook and keep your spouse close to your heart.

But, in my mind, that is in itself, is just not enough.  (Your spouse is not married to a restaurant chef!)

More important is that your spouse remembers you through specific milestones, just as you would do in a project planning outline.

These events must be something that makes your spouse remember you fondly and lovingly, year in and year out.

What better day to do that than on your spouse's birthday.

Create an unique birthday cake for your spouse. You can be certain that your spouse will remember you 365 days a year for what you did.

Similarly, do it whenever your child or grandchild has a birthday. Do it for them. 

Trust me, you will have a spouse at your side, like I have had mine for the last 46 years. He remembers every birthday cake I made for him. 

Each one, besides its design, had a special meaning that showed how much I loved and appreciated him.

This was a very ordinary birthday cake to look at, a pine stump with a ice candle burning atop it. But along with it, I had a very simple birthday card which had a drawing by me of logs of wood.

It was a special thank you to him for the work he was doing, 365 days a year, to cut logs of wood to feed our wood boiler (furnace) which gave us our daily running hot water and also heated our home in the depths of our cold cold Arctic winter. He worked by himself in the cellar, just like my father had done in the years before.

It was hard and time consuming work in the cold stone cellar. He did it daily, not as a chore, but with love and affection for his family.

I can say that through my designed cakes, like this very simple pine stump cake with a matching birthday card,  I have kept his devoted attention as my husband! 

Get your spouse a copy of my book as a special Christmas Gift for this year. Money well spent?


  1. Anniki, way more than feeding his stomach, I believe it has been your love and unconditional support through the 46 years that has kept him in love with you. May it stay that way.... and grow. God Bless you both. Jaya & Nargis Abraham Vancouver, Canada

  2. He has waist line which is better than he was 10 years younger. Doctrs say that blood sugar levels of more than 5 are very dangerous. His blood sugar stands around 23! He starts the day day with 2 chocolat /coconut sweets and ends it with Haldiram's Sona Papad! He has no signs of diabetes. He refuses to inject himself with the prescribed insulin or take any of the prescribed medicines as he has no symptoms associated with Type 2 diabetes! :-)