Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mobile Snowman

I took up a challenge of my own a few years ago to create a Mobile Snowman. This was the first attempt to make a mobile snowman, and I am glad to say that it succeeded!

The first one was made in Annikki's mother's Oulu Kampitie home in 2006. The grandchildren loved the idea. I got a friend from Bangalore, Vishwa Mallabdi,  to do the filming.

I first constructed a short hill slope in the garden. I had to make it absolutely smooth. 

Then I created a snowman on top of a plastic snow platter which the kids in Finland use to slide down snow slopes.

It was a delicate operation to place this at the top of the slope.

Once I did this I carefully moved it to the edge of the slope so that it would slide down by itself using gravity. 

We tried it many times and it was hilarious. On one occasion the head of the snowman fell down at the foot of the photographer! Merriment all around!

Then, for Samu's birthday in 2008 at their Vesaisentie house in Oulu, I created another Mobile Snowman. It was made on a longer slope. We had slightly better cameras at our disposal. Watched by grandson Daniel and Samu's friends, Samu and I sent it on its way.  The children loved it.

It was another original challenge as an artist that I successfully completed.

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