Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter 2014

I saw the Finnish Orthodox Easter service last night on TV. It was uplifting. The music was truly wonderful.

Jacob told me that in India it is similar. 

I did attend weddings in the Orthodox Churches but never the Good Friday and Easter services. The level of direct emotional involvement by a church member in India compared to Finland is considerably more. 

Jacob once wrote in one of his online pages about his childhood memories about celebrating Good Friday.

 I must find it. It was truly inspiring. It showed that members felt the pain of Christ on that fateful day, personally. They lived His suffering and felt His pain.

That was why on Easter Day they felt the joy of His Resurrection!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Finnish media and freedom of speech - a myth?

Given below is the email (in Finnish, but English translation is provided here also) I sent to a Finnish reporter in Kaleva who wrote an article about the situation in Ukraine and Russia. 

It made me very angry! 

There is no freedom of speech in Finland except for the media itself to defend its corrupt brothers in the Finnish Justice System, the Police, the Lawyers, the Bureacracy and the Politicians!

All my experiences are highly personal pver the last 30 years I have lived in Finland!

Below is cover of my book "Freedom of Speech - Whose?" (In Finnish) which I had compiled a few years ago of my text messages that Kaleva had refused to carry in its Readers' Comments page! (The updated Finnish/English version will be released shortly.)

Email to Kaleva Reporter:


Your views on Finland are suspect so it is difficult to accept your opinion about Russia.

 If I write the sky is blue, Kaleva will publish the opinion. If I tell the truth, I will not.

 That is why I published my book, "Freedom of Speech - Whose?" Text messages rejected by Kaleva! 

The justice system, the police, the lawyers, the bureaucrats and politicians operate a brotherhood system! 

This type of corruption is built into the Finnish lifestyle aided by a willing media which wants to ingratiate itself with their powerful brothers! 

The common Finnish citizen does not enjoy any of these privileges.

And in Finnish:


Mielipiteenne Suomesta ovat epäilyttäviä, joten on vaikeaa hyväksyä mielipiteenne Venjäjästä.

Jos kirjoitan taivas on sininen, Kaleva voi julkaista mielipiteen. Jos kerron totuuden, se ei voi.

Sen vuoksi kirjoitin kirjani "Sananvapaus - Kenen?" Kalevan hylkäämiä tekstiviestejä!

Oikeuslaitos, poliisi, asianajajat, byrokraatit ja politiikot ylläpitävät veljeskuntasysteemiä!

Tämän tyyppinen korruptio on sisäänrakennettu suomalaiseen elämän tyyliin median suostumuksella, joka haluaa päästä heidän voimallisen veljeskunnan suosioon!

Tavallinen Suomen kansalainen ei nauti naistä etuoikeuksista!



Saturday, 8 March 2014

Need a job?

I recently  had adverised here for a highly competent individual to join my team, with even a share in the business. Not a single application! :-)
Now I need something simpler. I need a driver cum secreatary wih some computer and human skills, for about about 20 hours a week. A student wanting to get some extra money to support himself or herself?
I have had about 60 applications, mainly from Finns in Oulu, retired people, students and a few really wanting to get into the job market.

Do apply quickly if you are interested. I will be interviewing this week.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Dubai The International Indian

There is a very nice article about Jacob, quite wrongly stated as being the Oldest Malayali in Europe! He is not the oldest in Europe and also probably not even in Continental Europe, which was the original research topic by Prof. Prabhu Guptara, the author of this article. It is a chapter contained in a book on the Malayali Diaspora which was released in Cochin last January.

However, I do know that although he may be the oldest Malayali in Finland, he is also the youngest at heart! :-)

The International Indian
Reported as being the Oldest Malayali in Continental Europe

Friday, 14 February 2014

Finnish TV interview about Me!

I am pleased to give you two links to a TV interview by Helena Lehtimäki of Laureus University of Applied Sciences, Espoo, about me. I really enjoyed myself! It was aired in a new TV station called CaringTV which is to motivate us older folk to do creative things.

Helena and her team have gone a great job. Thank you Helena.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What is a great honour?

Yesterday I received in the post a copy of the Finn-Brits Magazine for Spring 2014 which is a special issue which celebrates 35 years of the existence of this Society to help the Finns understand the English Language and British Culture.

The magazine contains a feature about me and my work as an artist, author, but is mainly centred around the fact that I was Chairperson of the English Club of Oulu, plus being a teacher fort Finnish children to retain the English language when they returned back to Finland after they had spent some time in an English speaking country.

This is part of the History of the Finn-Brits Society. I am greatly honoured to be the subject of this article.

Hope you enjoy it.

If you are interested to interact with Finns and help them to improve their English Language skills, you will find a chapter of the Society near you. Join in - it is fun as they have some wonderful programmes around the year.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Not a single reply! Why

I advertised a couple of boog entries ago for a work-at-home assistant to help me. I am absolutely inundated with work.

It is surprising that not a single person replied or applied. No students, no housewives with time on their hands and computer skills,

Jacob has got many hundreds of requests from all sorts of people wanting senior desk jobs in IT, Web design, SAP,  Java, etc. All sorts off challenges and opportunies - including marketing, sales, etc.

Here was an opportunity, where the sky was the limit, for someone who could work independently, It was the start of a team as there is so much work required to be done.

But not one application.