Wednesday, 13 January 2016

It has been exactly a year since my last entry. Much water has flowed under the bridge.

So I hope to update you slowly over the next few weeks. I think I may be able to keep some sort of schedule for this blog!

But first the latest news. The Facebook Page of the Findians Publishing Division came on line today. Just go to Pages in Facebook and enter Findians Publishing Division and you can read the history of our 22 years in this field with descriptions of all the books that we have released.

There are many exciting offers, especially our 49th Wedding Anniversary offer where you can get one of latest 3 books absolutely FREE when you buy the hard cover version of my book "Edible Art" at a discounted price. You save over €45!

The three new releases are "Handbook for Survival in Finland" (2016), "...for the hour of His judgement is come:..." (2016) and "The Titanic Called India" (2015).

I have been having relaxing fun creating various objects by crocheting rags. My page "Art of Crochet" on Facebook has become very popular. I also have psges on crocheting on Pinterest.

Short entry, so see you in a couple of days as I work out a strategy for developing this blog. Everythingvis up for grabs now.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I must beg pardon for my inactivity on this blog for almost 8 months. I have been posting regularly on Facebook, and keeping in touch with friends and relatives.

It was my 70th birthday this year. Jacob threw me a surprise party, which was such a wonderful occasion attended by many friends.

I was also able to take part in the reception to meet the Indian President His Excellency Pranab Mukherje  and his daughter, Sharmistha. 

83er Sharmistha is a Stephanian, like 63er Jacob, about 20 years his junior. She passed out in 1983, having done History. They are Facebook friends. She is an very competent Indian dancer. She has shared a few of her performances which she has choreographed herself.

She has just informed the public that she is going stand for the Delhi Assembly from Greater Kailash and wants suggestions how SHE can make a difference the lives of Indian women. She is practical and not building castles in the air. She wants suggestions on what she can do, and not things like bringing legislations,etc.

I do hope she will get elected, as she seems to know her priorities and may not be a chamcha to the Nehru-Gandhi family! 

Delhi is given the honour being called the most polluted city in the world. I can vouch for that. I hope she can do something to save this city, which is choking itself!

If Jacob and my reading is right, Sharmistha has the character and personality to become the next head the Indian Congress party, a fitting tribute to the work of her father! 

With young dedicated and competent leaders, the Congress party could rebuild itself after getting rid of people like the 7 Stephanians (68er Kapil Sibal, 72er Ashwini Kumar, 73er Salman Kurshid, 74er R. P.N. Singh, 76er Shashi Tharoor, 90er Joyti Scindia and 97er Sachin Pilot) who sat in the previous Manmohan Singh Government as YES men to Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi. They are the ones who have brought St.Stephen's College to disrepute, filling shoes they did not have the competence to fit!

In comparison, I have only Dr. Verghese Kurian of Anand and Amul fame, who used to do something and then tell indira Gandhi, the autocrat, what he had done. He knew going for approvals was a waste of time and money. The White Revolution was the result of his dedicated work starting at the grassroots level in Gujarat

It was nice to see the the day we flew from Delhi to Hyderabad, it was named as National Milk Day as tribute to Dr. Kurian, known to us a Jollychayan, who was married to Mollykochamma!

Jacob and Annikki standing behind Sharmistha at the Helsinki reception for Indian President His Excellency Pranab Mukerjee. Also seen are Indian Ambassador to Finland, His Excellency Ashok Kumar Sharma and Finnish Foreign Minister, Erkki Tuomioja.

I have been quite active otherwise. We have had the grandchildren,Samu, Daniel and Maria over for summer and Joanna, our younger daughter, brought the three of them also for Christmas.

We had a disastrous trip to India in November and December. Jacob and I are documenting it on our new web site, The new book is being serialised on Jacob's Blog as "The Titanic called India". I did see the Taj Mahal and witness the making of the decorated inlaid marble. And I lived on the edge of a jungle just on the outskirts of Mumbai!

Several have asked why we callled it that, when the Indian greatness is being shouted by the Indian Ministers.

Believe it or not, Indians were flying around the planets many thousands of years ago, but sadly, today, they do not know how to design a simple road and pavement in India. Take a person in a wheelchair anywhere on a street in India, and you will know what we mean.

Maybe the Indian knowledge went along with those who designed those amazing flying machines! :-)

I have designed a few cakes, the last one being based on my discovery of the Agra Petha, a delicious Indian sweet made from Pumpkin. Granddaughter Maria I used it to decorate Joanna's mango Petha birthday cake a few days ago.

I have been crocheting in my spacetime. Jacob complains that I am cutting up his lungis. These lungis are over 25 years old and fall apart the minute you touch them. Does well as colourful crocheting material when I tear them to shreds! This was a my latest piece, a butterfly, but I have been making lots of cylindrical baskets to keep the various papers that Jacob keeps lying around as well his many spectacles which he keeps misplacing! (Earlier I had used Haldiram's Soan Papdi as cake decoration, and it was also a great material!)

Jacob wants me to sell them so he can afford to buy 110 count lungis from his old friend from Madurai, Mohammed Abubacker, the Chank brand lungis. I wonder if the Chank brand exists today as Jacob is talking about 1975!

We received news a few days ago of the passing of another family member, journalist B. G. Verghese.  He and his wife, Jamila were Stephanians, like Jacob, but about10 years senior to him.

I used to enjoy the writings of Bublichayan, as he is known in the family, as they were sharp and incisive!

There are many people that need to be thanked for the help and generosity in looking after us in India. Surya and Devi (Hyderabad), Raghu and Gayathri (Bangalore), Rajen and Prema, Chacko and Ammu (Kottayam), Bina (Cochin), Malathi, Amal. Joseph and Sam (Mumbai). Other names will be thanked by Jacob who kept a meticulous record of the trip!

You will also soon find this blog on our new web portal, Hope you enjoy the re-emergence!:-)

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter 2014

I saw the Finnish Orthodox Easter service last night on TV. It was uplifting. The music was truly wonderful.

Jacob told me that in India it is similar. 

I did attend weddings in the Orthodox Churches but never the Good Friday and Easter services. The level of direct emotional involvement by a church member in India compared to Finland is considerably more. 

Jacob once wrote in one of his online pages about his childhood memories about celebrating Good Friday.

 I must find it. It was truly inspiring. It showed that members felt the pain of Christ on that fateful day, personally. They lived His suffering and felt His pain.

That was why on Easter Day they felt the joy of His Resurrection!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Finnish media and freedom of speech - a myth?

Given below is the email (in Finnish, but English translation is provided here also) I sent to a Finnish reporter in Kaleva who wrote an article about the situation in Ukraine and Russia. 

It made me very angry! 

There is no freedom of speech in Finland except for the media itself to defend its corrupt brothers in the Finnish Justice System, the Police, the Lawyers, the Bureacracy and the Politicians!

All my experiences are highly personal pver the last 30 years I have lived in Finland!

Below is cover of my book "Freedom of Speech - Whose?" (In Finnish) which I had compiled a few years ago of my text messages that Kaleva had refused to carry in its Readers' Comments page! (The updated Finnish/English version will be released shortly.)

Email to Kaleva Reporter:


Your views on Finland are suspect so it is difficult to accept your opinion about Russia.

 If I write the sky is blue, Kaleva will publish the opinion. If I tell the truth, I will not.

 That is why I published my book, "Freedom of Speech - Whose?" Text messages rejected by Kaleva! 

The justice system, the police, the lawyers, the bureaucrats and politicians operate a brotherhood system! 

This type of corruption is built into the Finnish lifestyle aided by a willing media which wants to ingratiate itself with their powerful brothers! 

The common Finnish citizen does not enjoy any of these privileges.

And in Finnish:


Mielipiteenne Suomesta ovat epäilyttäviä, joten on vaikeaa hyväksyä mielipiteenne Venjäjästä.

Jos kirjoitan taivas on sininen, Kaleva voi julkaista mielipiteen. Jos kerron totuuden, se ei voi.

Sen vuoksi kirjoitin kirjani "Sananvapaus - Kenen?" Kalevan hylkäämiä tekstiviestejä!

Oikeuslaitos, poliisi, asianajajat, byrokraatit ja politiikot ylläpitävät veljeskuntasysteemiä!

Tämän tyyppinen korruptio on sisäänrakennettu suomalaiseen elämän tyyliin median suostumuksella, joka haluaa päästä heidän voimallisen veljeskunnan suosioon!

Tavallinen Suomen kansalainen ei nauti naistä etuoikeuksista!



Saturday, 8 March 2014

Need a job?

I recently  had adverised here for a highly competent individual to join my team, with even a share in the business. Not a single application! :-)
Now I need something simpler. I need a driver cum secreatary wih some computer and human skills, for about about 20 hours a week. A student wanting to get some extra money to support himself or herself?
I have had about 60 applications, mainly from Finns in Oulu, retired people, students and a few really wanting to get into the job market.

Do apply quickly if you are interested. I will be interviewing this week.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Dubai The International Indian

There is a very nice article about Jacob, quite wrongly stated as being the Oldest Malayali in Europe! He is not the oldest in Europe and also probably not even in Continental Europe, which was the original research topic by Prof. Prabhu Guptara, the author of this article. It is a chapter contained in a book on the Malayali Diaspora which was released in Cochin last January.

However, I do know that although he may be the oldest Malayali in Finland, he is also the youngest at heart! :-)

The International Indian
Reported as being the Oldest Malayali in Continental Europe

Friday, 14 February 2014

Finnish TV interview about Me!

I am pleased to give you two links to a TV interview by Helena Lehtimäki of Laureus University of Applied Sciences, Espoo, about me. I really enjoyed myself! It was aired in a new TV station called CaringTV which is to motivate us older folk to do creative things.

Helena and her team have gone a great job. Thank you Helena.