Friday, 14 February 2014

Finnish TV interview about Me!

I am pleased to give you two links to a TV interview by Helena Lehtimäki of Laureus University of Applied Sciences, Espoo, about me. I really enjoyed myself! It was aired in a new TV station called CaringTV which is to motivate us older folk to do creative things.

Helena and her team have gone a great job. Thank you Helena.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What is a great honour?

Yesterday I received in the post a copy of the Finn-Brits Magazine for Spring 2014 which is a special issue which celebrates 35 years of the existence of this Society to help the Finns understand the English Language and British Culture.

The magazine contains a feature about me and my work as an artist, author, but is mainly centred around the fact that I was Chairperson of the English Club of Oulu, plus being a teacher fort Finnish children to retain the English language when they returned back to Finland after they had spent some time in an English speaking country.

This is part of the History of the Finn-Brits Society. I am greatly honoured to be the subject of this article.

Hope you enjoy it.

If you are interested to interact with Finns and help them to improve their English Language skills, you will find a chapter of the Society near you. Join in - it is fun as they have some wonderful programmes around the year.