Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Choosing the environment

In yesterday's blog I showed one aspect of creating the right milieu for a cake. This one is far more emphatic.

After hearing my stories about our friendly and not so friendly (our son, Jaakko, mercifully survived a deadly snake bite of a krait) encounters with snakes in India, Samu asked for a snake as a birthday cake. 

I created it without a problem. 

It was a combination of my hill (mound) cake into which I created the snake grotto. The hill and grotto entrance can be seen in the first photo. More intricate details of what I created from sweets, as the butterflies, and other decorations can be seen in the pictures.

Snake grotto in a hill (mound)

Global view of the snake entering the grotto

As presented to the audience with the snake in the shrubbery.

However, the third picture shows how it was presented to the audience with the green shrubbery carefully placed in the vicinity to create a beautiful very natural appearance of a snake moving into its grotto.

The reception was one of awe when those present saw this snake in its very natural setting. A sight to be remembered for a lifetime.

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