Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cake design milieu

When designing and presenting a cake, it is just not enough to make a good design. The design must suit the occasion and the character of the person it is designed for.

However, when all that is done, it has to put in front of the person with the right atmosphere.

Take for instance the wedding cake which I made for my niece, Suchi.

It was a chocolate sponge cake made by a well known baker in Chennai. The white chocolate, which Suchi wanted me to use, came through a cousin in Australia. Suchi wanted rose petals, and Jacob had to search Chennai high and low to get rose petals which had not been sprayed by pesticide.

The cake details were very simple. A three tier cake. Melting and applying the white chocolate in the heat of Chennai was a problem, but patience and care ensured this was done successfully! Decorating with rose petals was not a problem.

But the presentation had to be unique.

I had made snow candles for our garden every year and they have been used to light of the front gate every winter over Christmas. They were made by sticking a bucket of water into our sub-zero weather with an inserted inner piece and allowing th water to freeze. Take it out of the bucket and we have an ice piece into which you can place a candle and it looks really lovely. The burning candle is protected from the aid and burns for many hours.

This is a welcome sign in Finland that we are at home and you are free to drop in!

I thought of an idea if making a coloured ice candle by using coloured water.

This itself was unique, but then for Suchi's decoration I thought of making multi-colour ice candles.

Remember this is way back n 1999! 14 years ago!

Jacob poured different colours of fizzy drinks. He froze the first layer in the deep freeze, as in Chennai we do not have sub-zero temperatures. When the first layer was frozen, he poured a different coloured drink on top. So we had four layers of different colours, one on top of each other, and with the candle put in them, they looked glorious. Simple but ingenious!

In future blog entries I will show how you can create milieu in different ways, which makes the cake stand out to become an a thing to be remembered!

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