Thursday, 21 November 2013

Kota - Finnish Lappish Ginger Bread Wigwam Campsite

When one of my creations, seen on the left, won the first prize at the Oulu Rotuaari (Walking Street) Ginger Bread Competition, it was modelled on a Kota - A Finnish Lappish Wigwam campsite.

Rice paper was used to make the tent and coloured string sweet to tie the poles together.

Our grandson, Samu, loved this creation, so he asked me to make him a special one so that he could show it at the New Year's Party at his house where many of his friends would be present.

So I made him another version, which turned out to be even better than the one the won the prize. The scenery was slightly different.

The frozen ice I created in front of the Kota was larger in area and the candle reflection was very much more detailed. The happy snowman and his colourful broom, were really cute!

Inside the Kota the fireplace was more colourful. The yellow moon in the background was startling!

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