Saturday, 7 December 2013

What could drive you to create a masterpiece?

Many of you have written to me to ask how I get the inspiration to create the cake or interior decor designs, my garden designs or my paintings.

What drives me is the mood of the moment.

I see something or someone. What the meeting conveys may drive me to create my next piece.

Old Bulbs made by me into interior decor objects.
Old Bulbs made by me into interior decor objects.
Aluminium film created into leaves.
As I have grown older, I have moved from the traditional media to new forms of art expression. Turning old bulbs into fruit and old aluminium sheet or candle canisters into roses or leaves are some examples of my new media! That has given me much joy.

In the late 1980's I was still in my chalk drawing phase.

Island painting from newspaper, Kaleva, photo
Painting of an island in Finland from original photo
published in the local newspaper, Kaleva.

I came across a beautiful photograph in black and white in our local newspaper, Kaleva. I was immediately drawn to the photograph. I wanted to create a chalk drawing of it.

My drawing turned out to be better (in my opinion) than the original.

I wish I could track the original as it appeared in the Kaleva as it would give you some idea of how the thought processes work to inspire one to do a painting.

Many times, while driving from here to Helsinki, I have seen such amazing sceneries as we drive across the lakes and through the forests. But, I have never had the time to either photograph these, let alone sketch them, as my dear husband, Jacob, is always in a hurry to reach the end of the journey!

Maybe one day when we grow older :-), he may slow down and give me the opportunity to capture some of this scenery as we drive through this fantastically beautiful country! Scenery changes with the seasons giving thousands of opportunities!

Even in a city like Oulu, during summer and autumn, we go to the Nallikari Beach to have a pizza, sitting on the steps of the disused restaurant building, and we have captured some amazing sunset photographs.

Oulu Nallikari Sunset

Photo: 2010, Oulu Nallikari Sunset
To my mind, as I love photographs and painting, for me painting is definitely more exciting than a photograph as it brings in the artists feeling and depth which is not there in a photograph.

To capture a good photograph takes me many minutes as I approach the object from different angles. In the old days, Jacob used to complain as I would have to take many tens of shots with the film camera to get the right one. Now-a-days I can take as many as I like with my digital camera and knockout those I do not like.

In short, we have another dimension in a painting - the artist and his strokes of the chalk crayon!

I am now putting together my paintings to follow the first two ebooks "Edible Art" and "Nelson Mandela Birthday Cakes", both of which have received bouquets from so many of you.

Please let me know whether you prefer photographs to paintings!

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