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Is Finland one of the Least Corrupt countries in the world?

I have the ability to laugh at myself. That is the basis of good satire. I use it, and also Jacob uses satire in a lot in his writngs.

When I put together the "Edible Art" eBook, there was a lot of humour in the pages.

Right from the first catastrophe of our labrador ravishing my first ginger bread house in Chennai, through to my making the cake "Ruins" for myself, as I could not possibly make it for anyone else, we were looking for an interesting ending to our book.

We are both non-fiction writers. Our books to date include "...for the hour of His Judgement is come:..." which was my rather horrific exprience with the Indian Legal System, "Handbook for Survival in Finland" and Jacob's exposure of the corruption with the Finnish University System, "Seven Years Hard Labour in a Finnish Holiday Camp - A Finnish University".

The first two of these are available as eBooks and paperbacks from

Another two books we have writing presently are "The Last Will and Testament" which concerns inheritance problems of one side of the family and "Inheritance Nightmare" which is about another part of the family.

Satire on Corruption in Finland
Satire on corruption in Finland.

A few years ago when Kampitie, the family property in Oulu was still in my custody, during Christmas, I made an enormous Snow Cake in the front compound. The idea grew steadily in my mind till I finished it with the six inheritors of their parent's property were made as snow people, sitting around this enormous snow cake.

They had been waiting for over 10 years to get their inheritance.

The lawyer who had been appointed by the Court as the Adminisrator had other plans and kept the inheritors waiting as he milked the property and estate for his own ends. Our dead father, 10 years after his death turned up as an entrepreneur and he was taken to the Bailiff as the lawyer took the money for himself and his crony friends!

He used his position as a lawyer to defraud all the investors. By causing two rival groups to be formed in the inheritors, he made hay while the snow cake melted!

My snow cake, with the snow people inheritors sitting around it, was my satirical view of the completely corrupt Finnish Legal System where the judiciary play their own game.

Aided and abetted by the Finnish Police, they can twist any situation to the advantage of those who are more powerful. Your own lawyer also plays as a pawn in the game to get his rightful share of the bounty!

The Finnish Lawyer's Association, which is supposed to protect the lay public from sharks who pose as lawyers, was the biggest joke of all in my saga, and the Finnish Lower and High Courts were just pawns n the hands of the corrupt lawyers and bureaucracy.

Finland is supposed to be one of the least corrupt countries in the world, but if corruption is not defined in the law books, then how can any asssessment be done of corruption in the country.

Finland lives by the image it creates. One of the images they have built up is to present before the world that there is no corruption here.

This image is far from the truth. My Snow Cake is a reflection of the true state of affairs in this country.

Hope you enjoy this satire. Although I have been at the receiving end of this tragic story and saga which still continues into its 13th year!

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