Monday, 6 January 2014

Finally completed and uploaded

An effort of almost 2+ years to update our 1994 best-seller has now been completed and uploaded as an eBook on (eBook Handbook for Survival in Finland).

The book is meant for foreign students coming or in Finland, out-source engineers, those foreigners living in Finland and also tourists coming to Finland.

The Survival System developed by us can help you live a comfortable life in Finland at a reasonable cost. 

It is not only the front and back cover that has been changed. The entire book has been re-written and the full advantage of an eBook with hundreds of useful links have been introduced which will take you to all the important pages about Finland which we used in doing our research. It covers almost every aspect of this wonderful and beautiful country! But it also thells you of the many hundreds of pitfalls that you will encounter when you live here.

Our original Guarantee goes with the new eBook that if you do not recover the cost of the book after using our system for 1 month, we will refund you the cost of the book.

Thank you for the patience, but it was a really hard task to do this!

Comments welcome so that we can quickly correct any errors.

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