Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Anyone looking for an exciting work from home job?

We have a job opportunity for someone really interested to doing creative work. Anyone looking for an exciting work from home job?

Your location is not important if you have good communication skills - you may be in Timbuktu!

Jacob and I have several hundreds and hundreds of web pages on books created over the last 25 years. They were all very high revenue earners till we stopped updating them about 5 or 6 years ago.

It is our intention to revamp all of these web pages in an organised schedule, starting with items based on our current activities.

We need someone who is interested in creating web pages based on our old models, updating them by doing web searches and downloading the new data and the uploading it back on our web service provider.

To get an idea of this work, go to the page Books on Maria Montessori  which we had set up over a decade ago. You will find at that time there were about 150 books about her dating pre- and post- 2000. Each is linked with the title and a special link which meant that anyone who went to buy a book from Amazon in either US or UK would earn us a commission. Now there are over 700 books. This has to be updated.

Also we have to link in the 20 odd books published by Annikki on this subject and help generate online sales! These are currently all eBooks but we need to create then as paperbacks.

This was a very healthy business for us. We were always in the top ten on all the Search Engines! We have the secret on how to reach the top in the Search Engines!!!

Like this we have several hundreds of web pages about many tens of subjects,  and all of these need to be cleaned up and updated before uploading.

Your job would be to update each page based on searching within Amazon (and also making us Associates of Amazon in India), and then putting up each web page back on our server.

It is very steady work but you should have the feeling that you are interested in the work and you are web competent enough to work by yourself with the minimum of supervision.

That is only the first part of the job.

We also want to relaunch our very popular fortnightly web magazine which was called Findians Briefings which had a readership of around 80000 people. It started a paper version (see picture below) with a hundred readers in 1992! The last web issue was released in June 2008.

It is possible that we could make it a weekly.

First Issue of Findians Briefings 1992
First Issue of Findians Briefings 1992

In this we need to put all the old issues in a new and interesting format back on the internet and especially gear them for reading on mobiles, and launch the new version alongside.

At the same time we have several extremely interesting web sites which are linked to our original web entry page "Findians Index Site". This has literally hundreds of links and important information.

Your job would be to organise this whole experience and make the Findians Site popular again.

Our old domain name was stopped (and we believe is now being exploited by someone else, but he is a copycat so we do not have to worry about him). Copyright for the term Findians still remains with us!!

We can establish a new domain name or use the system we used as a parallel to the Findians Domain name.

Jacob's alma mater blog pages (Kooler Talk (Web Version) of St. Stephen's College, Delhi and Seventh Heaven of Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai) will also come under this work as also our many blogs, Google Groups and many new avenues which we keep creating.

You would also help us in writing our new books scheduled to come out during the next three years. We have some very interesting books that will expand our publication base which now has over 30 books and will reach 50 by year end.

You should be competent to use a Apple Mac platform, have good computer skills as using Pages, Numbers, iBooks, OpenOffice, NeoOffice, PageSpinner, Graphic Converter, GIMP, Business Card Composer, iPhoto, iTunes, Picasa, scanning, editing photographs, editing text, printing, and many tens of very useful products which run on the Mac.

You would also have to support the current marketing activities that we are undertaking such as publishing eBooks, etc.  You would also be working on selling ad space on all our web sites.

(If you use Microsoft Office you would have to be able to convert from Windows format to the Mac format!

The new content will be provided by me and Jacob in the form of articles and news items. We are both 70+ but we are active and expect you to keep up with us! :-)

It is regular work and we can pay by the hour on an "honesty" system or on a commission basis, whichever suits you. Or if you want to join us as a partner, that would also be considered..

If you are seriously interested, please contact us at

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